Sports create a version of reality which involve completely different rules and principles of functioning. Both time and space are designed in such a way that they not only serve other purposes, but also their meaning changes in relation to everyday life. Consequently, sports can be seen as an abstraction of reality, as the rules that govern everyday life do not actually apply.

The perception of time and space occurs in units that tend to be of a much more articulated scale. Time is fragmented, which itself produces new meaning, and forces a different kind of attention from both participants and observers. The spaces in which these events take place–fields, courts, rinks– are bordered, separating the abstracted reality within, from the ordinary world on the other side of the line. The ways in which these spaces are divided, and the rules that apply to the various fields, directly affects the psychical and psychological behavior of the participants.

The drawings from the „24 seconds” series were created by adapting existing scores of basketball games to new, independent graphic forms. Each sequence of moves takes place within the predetermined timeframe set by the rules of the game. These time restrictions limit the repertoire of gestures described in the instructions for players are used here as a kind of guideline. Game parameters are translated into a series of works that are formal interpretations of the spatial organization of physical movement. In the case of the presented works, these limitations determine the form and their translation into a drawn image, define its graphic parameters, and their organization on the papers’ surface. The drawings presented here reflect a dynamic, spatial situation that has been transformed into an image, a visual score based on movement.

Regarding the objects „Volume”, airless balls are deprived of their sport functions. Despite having lost their usability, they are given the opportunity to become autonomous drawing objects: the lines that normally connect the leather or rubber elements of the ball are bent in new dimensions and subsequently create a completely new image. This reconstruction of the ball is a stereometric sketch of the structure which additionally betrays the interior, of which is usually hidden from view.

22.05-15.06 Stroboskop Art Space (Warsaw)