The object presented in the space of the Obrońców Stalingradu gallery is a continuation of Julia Taszycka’s earlier search, based on the assumption of a possible analogy between the fields of sport and art. The rules in sport as well as the rules of the world of art are a formalized field, thus also gain an abstract dimension. The confrontation of both of these languages on a formal level is based on a specifically understood intervention, during which, using sports facilities deprived of their real context, Taszycka treats them as abstract forms, ready to undertake artistic activities with them. The objects she creates are not of a representional nature in sense in which they no longer represent the reality of the principles that have contributed to their formal and material definition.

Based on these assumptions, a spatially ordered solid with a volume of 9 cubic meters was created from the set of nine nets used during volleyball games. The internal structure was constructed by communicating 9 independent planes of nets, suspended in parallel at the prescribed height. Each of the connecting elements of the grids was interwoven by hand, thus creating the shape of the intended object. The depth of the solid corresponds to its height, which translates into the dimensions of 9 times 9 of net’s meshes.

10-11.2019, Obrońców Stalingradu Gallery, Szczecin