The title displacement can be understood in terms of the change of the reference point for the arangement provided by the system of external goals and rules that determine the conditions of use within a certain model. These goals are arbitrary, being designed in advance, and determine the course and development of our needs and the way we perceive our capabilities in the context of the established social, economic, or more broadly cultural order. This external order exists due to the continual production and redistribution of images that subject our individual needs and desires to tests programmed by society and the market.

The work is a replica of an existing object and consists of a shift of the graphic element that is the central element of the basketball backboard. In order to be able to move the rectangle, you need to get rid of the rim, which is the main part that determines the purpose of this object. The displacement takes place here in a double way, both material and formal, which consists of a double restructuring — on the material plane it concerns the physical reconstruction of a previously existing object, while on the formal plane it concerns the removal of the functional dimension of the object thus created, which changes into a sign that goes beyond the meaning of the original.

The relation to the space in which the work is presented is also important. It was placed on the floor, leaning against the wall, which allows it to function in a double role: as an object, but also as an image.

Dimensions: 105 x 180 cm / 41×71 inch